Facts About Life Insurance

Why to use a Fee-Only Life Insurance Advisor--and not an agent--to help you find the right life insurance products for your needs.

Reasons to use a Fee-Only Life Insurance Advisor
If Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes. . .

. . . then—like the third generation owner of a family business—you want to insure against them.  Especially is you’re worried that the business might have to be sold to pay estate taxes.

While the owner understood that he needed a large amount of guaranteed insurance, he wasn’t so sure about his agent’s recommendation: $100M of no-lapse second-to-die coverage owned by a trust and with a guaranteed premium of $3 million per year. All in a single policy.

Before signing on the dotted line, the client consulted with his attorney, who recommended a Fee-Only Insurance Advisor.  The advisor educated the client about both no lapse and market priced policy designs and recommended diversifying among three carriers, with a total of $70 million of insurance. The coverage included a combination of single life policies insuring both the client and his wife, and some joint insurance—and were split between guaranteed price no lapse insurance and market-priced policies.

Total savings?  In excess of $3 million discounted to present value, compared to what the agent had originally recommended.