Facts About Life Insurance

Why to use a Fee-Only Life Insurance Advisor--and not an agent--to help you find the right life insurance products for your needs.

Trusting An Expert

A family whose wealth was concentrated in real estate and several businesses established several life insurance trusts in 1985.  The purpose?: life insurance policies to provide estate liquidity at the insureds' deaths.  Over the ensuing two decades, all the premiums were paid.  But declining interest rates--and lack of attention by the trustees--resulted in a replacement effort by a life insurance agent who took over servicing of the policies.

The family hired a Fee-Only Life Insurance Advisor to analyze the policies and recommend options.  He agreed with the agent that the old policies were overpriced and not performing as originally illustrated, and recommended retaining one policy bur replacing four others.  The new insurance resulted in immediate cost savings of over $800,000 for the family compared to the cost of retaining the old policies--and over $600,000 compared to the agent's recommendations.

Their ROI?  Over 50 times the consultant's initial and ongoing management fees.